Bell Resources

About Us

Bell Resources is focused on profitable operational resources across a diversified portfolio.

Bell Resources


Bell Resource’s business model is:

  • To only acquire profitable resources assets
    Our intention is to only acquire assets which are profitable within the first 12 months of their acquisition.
  • To use our superior capital structure to acquire profitable resource assets
    Our plan is to significantly grow the company by using our capital structure to acquire earnings accretive assets.
  • To have no debt.
    Our focus is to have no corporate borrowings what so ever.
Mark Avery


Mark Avery
Chair & Managing Director

For over 15 years Mr Avery has been advising & listing companies on the equity capital markets and in some instances have been a director of those public companies. During which time Mr Avery has previously served as ASX public company director and company secretary, where he has gained extensive experience in the day to day compliance, regulatory and operational matters of listed companies.

Together with his corporate experience and knowledge gained over the years, Mr Avery is proficient at managing multi-site businesses employing in excess of 500 staff. Mr Avery is a skilled negotiator and business aggregator having successfully acquired multiple businesses worth in excess of AUD $100 million. Mr Avery is a non-practising Solicitor and holds a Bachelor of Laws & Master of Business Administration from Bond University.